Howlin' Dog Recording Artist Don Conoscenti  won!  Best Overall Song for What Else Could I Do at the New Mexico Music Awards

The latest releases from Howlin' Dog

Winter 2015-2016

- The Rifters latest: We've been feeling the urge and the need for a while to fling some new Rifters music out into the wide world, so we've been prying ourselves out of our respective haunts and coming out of our corners to gather together at Howlin' Dog and see what seemed to want to come forth.

We weren't planning on doing an all original CD - we had a few tunes that seemed like good candidates, but once the ingredients were assembled and the required architecture was achieved, the spark seemed to have been struck and songs started blooming up from wherever songs come from. And they seem to have arranged themselves as notes and observations on this journey of life we are all on, from the vantage point of being a good ways down the path. We hope they bring a little light and warmth to you on your road! DR

- Don Conoscenti is hard at work on his new Howlin' Dog Records project recording the basic tracks with John Michel and Michael Jude (of Brother's Keeper band and John Oates Band) as the rhythm section, and it's rockin'! Don will be combining his work here with tracks from artists all over the country - folks like Ellis Paul, Paul Buckmaster, Lloyd Maines, and Keb Mo (hopefully) are going to be part of it - it will be an epic project!

- 2-Bit Palomino's Things I Dream About is at the replicator. It's an amazingly beautiful album - we're very proud to have helped it along! See the Cashbox magazine review here.

- Bill Hearne's Howlin' Dog produced record is out now, and has been charting on the Alternate Roots Chart.  Request it!

- Anne Hills' recorded her latest project, Tracks, with Don at Howlin' Dog, and it's found it's way on to several "Best Folk Albums of 2014" lists!.