From October, 2010 -

My new CD, Like Lazarus, is finally out. It’s been a long time coming, but I think the wait was worth it. I’m proud of it and I think it’s a good piece of work. There’s an info page on this site that has more about it, and you can order it through theHowlin’ Dog Records website. I feel like it sort of puts a cap on the whole cancer adventure I went through starting in July of 2007. I’ve digested it, and it’s certainly had an influence on some of the tunes on this new CD, and it’s certainly had an influence on me. I hope I continue to learn and embody the lessons that it has had to teach me. But I’m also ready to move on, to continue to engage life in ever more expansive ways. Onward and upward! The Rifters are also working on a new CD, which we’re planning on having done by summer of 2011. It will be a good one – we’re sure of that. Another project dear to my heart is a CD I’m doing with my two brothers Ed and Jim Richmond, as the Richmond Brothers. (Clever, huh?) It’s a bunch of cover songs that have influenced us over the years, from wide and various sources. There’s a bunch of great tunes that I think folks are going to really enjoy.