From July 28, 2003 -

Okay, so I haven’t been doing any better at keeping my websites up to date. Ah well, today is a new day. The world of being a musician and recording engineer and producer in Southern Colorado/Northern New Mexico continues to be full, fascinating, challenging, and most of the time a lot of fun. It’s been a good summer gig-wise so far. Hired Hands has been active playing some concerts and festivals, I’ve had some wonderful and fulfilling solo performances, and The Rifters is a new and growing band entity that we’re excited about. The Rifters consists of Rod Taylor, Steve Garry, Jim Bradley, and me. As I said below, we play “that great unique blend of country-folk-old-hippie music with some who-knows-what and originals thrown in (all two-steppable of course) that seems to be well rooted in northern New Mexico”. The live gigs (see calendar) have been going great, and we’re all excited about the potential and possibilities for this group. We’ve set aside some time this fall to start work on a recording together. I’ll keep you posted. I’ve been doing lots of other live gigs with lots of different folks – the band Drive, filling in with South by Southwest, a gig or two with Taosamosa, and accompanying artists like Mike Laughlin of Taos and Kay Singleton of Pueblo.

The PBS documentary Roy Bedichek’s Vanishing Frontier that I did the music for was aired in April and May of this year around the country. That was exciting and very cool. I got to go down to Dallas and play at the debut reception put on by KERA-TV, the station that sponsored the production of the show. The show’s producer was Rob Tranchin of KERA, and the videographer was Ginny Martin. Rob and Ginny have both won Emmy awards for some of their previous work together. Another highlight of that trip was getting to play with my big brother Diamond Jim Richmond who lives in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area and was kind enough to help me do the performance, first with equipment and then with actually playing the tunes together. It was fun.

I got to play with my brother Jim a few weeks later when I accompanied South By Southwest on their trip to Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas music festival in Stephenville, Texas in late April. The gig was a treat – the audience was delightful, we put on an excellent show, I got to pick with my brother, and we got to hear a bunch of great music too. It was way fun.

The studio has been cranking. Right now it’s booked until November. There’s so much talent and great music around, and I am so fortunate to get to participate in so much of it. You can check out more about the studio at the Howlin’ Dog Records website, as well as more about some of the artists I’ve been working with.

So all in all, life is full and good. The garden is growing great (along with the weeds), my wife Teri and I got to go to the mountains last weekend, my grandkids are coming to see me next week, and I’ve got as much or more work than I can handle doing things I love. How could I ask for more. Love and all good things to one and all, and thanks for stopping by! Be well – Don