From January 2013 -

Well, since the world did not come to a screeching halt this past December, I figure it might be time to update my various websites. I’m going to be working on completely redoing this one and some of the others on an updated platform of some kind or another – this one was done on Front Page back in the Dark Ages, and I can’t even get that version of Front Page to run on any computer I have, so it’s been a bit hard to update things. So it’s time to move on. It should be an interesting ascension of a new learning curve – time to exercise that brain a bit! Overall, things are going marvelously well in life in general – the studio is cranking, booked for six months in advance more or less, and the Rifters are playing a lot and playing well, and I’m still doing some solo gigs as well. Life on our homestead in the country is beautiful and blessed – not without challenges, but what fun would it be otherwise? I need to write more – if I have a New Year’s resolution, that would be it. Nothing to it but to do it, and stop letting myself talk myself out of it by telling myself that there are a bunch of things I “should” be doing. There’s some kind of fear thing going on there, leading to a strange avoidance. I’ll be working on and through that – tired of it and ready to move on.