From January 2003 -

Time does fly. I’ve been quite remiss in keeping this website updated, but I’m going to do better with that, and the same goes for the Hired Hands and Howlin’ Dog Records websites. Always more to do than there is time to do it in, but I’m think I’m coming to peace with that. The holiday season was great and insane as usual. My wife Teri and I spent a week in Mexico (a little south of Cancun) just after the first of the year, which was wonderful. It was like being in that Corona beer commercial where they just show this white sand beach with the turquoise water and the beer sitting on the table. What a treat. It was so amazing coming back to high and dry and fairly cold Colorado that those two realities could be coexisting at the same time on the same planet, along with lots of other ones, of course. I’ve been fortunate to have been playing lot’s of very cool gigs with lots of different people, as well as some wonderful solo and solo-with-friends gigs doing my own music.

I got to accompany Tish Hinojosa for a couple concert appearances in her annual holiday season pass through the area. I’ve also done some fun gigs with Michael Hearne, being a South by Southwest fill-in member since their steel player and multi instrumentalist Carmen Acciaioli is living in Amarillo. I got to do a holiday TV show up in Pueblo, CO, shown on local cable access, with my friend and superb guitarist-vocalist Tom Munch at the very cool Fairmount Museum, along with another wonderful artist Kay Singleton. Very cool. I had helped Tom record and put out a Christmas CD in 2001, so we did some tunes off of that. I’ve also been playing with my good friends in the Lucky Larue Band whenever I can – some fun holiday gigs and benefits around Alamosa, and the LLR boys will be making their Taos area debut on Feb 28th at the Alley Cantina. I’ve helped them record their 2 CDs full of excellent and mostly original music, and it’s always lots of fun to gig with them. Taos area folks definitely want to catch them and pick up their CDs – it’s roots music that has sprung right from the very ground we stand on in this area. Listen to it and you’ll know what I mean.

Hired Hands is still alive and kicking, and we did a gig over the holidays and have a concert/dance scheduled in March in conjunction with the Monte Vista (CO) annual Crane Festival and then some more scattered around the summer, including the excellent Pueblo Bluegrass on the River festival and performances in Northglenn and the Denver area. (See the Calendar page.)

Jim Bradley (from Hired Hands) and I are going to be doing some regular gigs with Rod Taylor and Steve Garry of Rod Taylor and the Rounders, doing that great unique blend of country-folk-old-hippie music with some who-knows-what and originals thrown in (all two-steppable of course) that seems to be well rooted in northern New Mexico. We’re even going to come up with a new name for the group, as soon as we can figure out what it is.

Taosamosa is a jazz-grass oriented group I’ve been playing with.Aaron Lewis is the founding force behind this group and plays saxophones and flute, and is as superb a musician as you are going to hear just about anywhere. We manage to concoct a wonderfully fascinating blend of jazz, bluegrass, folk, rock, blues and swing influences. It’s way fun and stretches my musical wings in shapes that they’ve never been in before.

And of course I continue to do solo gigs of various kinds in bars, churches, coffeshops, and any place else that seems right to play. I’m still promoting my latest release No Man’s Land and having a great response to it. There’s a wonderful and generous review from the Taos entertainment and art newspaper Horsefly about No Man’s Land here. Next, I’m going to try to put out some energy in a wider sphere to get that music out a bit more. We’ll see what happens.

I’m also extremely fortunate to be involved with such a wide variety of excellent music in my studio, which continues to be fully booked. Such talent and creativity everywhere. Check out the Howlin’ Dog Records website for more info on that.

So while you’re here, check out the dates on the calendar, look at some of the CD stuff, and see what you think. Keep in touch, come see me/us, be most well, and enjoy your life as much as you possibly can, this day and all others. Much love to all – Don