From December 22, 2004 -

The big news for me in the last couple months has been the publication of my book Getting Your Music Past the Fear which has been selling briskly in this little corner of the world. I’m going to be working at getting it out on a wider basis after the first of the year, which will certainly be a new adventure. My recording studio work has been cranking, with projects ranging from the excellent punk band “Poor Substitute” from Pueblo to an upcoming singer-songwriter from California by the name of Jared Mell to a new CD by the classic Spanish Rock band Indian Nickel to a new Cowboy sort of project by Will Dudley. Lots of great music in lots of different shapes and styles. It keeps me flexible. For more info on the studio go to and follow the link to the studio. Otherwise, as it said in my latest email blast –

Hello there friends and neighbors, and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Superb Solstice, and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the big inward breath of the dark and cold of winter. Of course, in the Holiday frenzy, it may be more of a panting gasp, but I still think of this time as a time of reflection about things, planning the new year, making ridiculous lists of New Year’s resolutions, and things like that. And of course, also a time of gathering and reconnecting among friends. Amidst all the craziness, I still love the holidays. I hope they treat you well, and that both your giving and receiving are blessed.

Meanwhile, making music in this beautiful part of planet earth has been going great. The Rifters are cranking, sales of our new CD have been great, and we’ve got some dates to share with you for 2005. One special event I want to mention is our New Years Eve celebration at the Sagebrush Convention Center. Our good friend Gordon Burt, fiddler extraordinaire, will be joining the Rifters for that performance, and we’ll be cranking up our own brand of fireworks for the evening. Anyone who is familiar with Gordon’s playing (or who has seen him in numerous appearances with Hired Hands) won’t want to miss this gathering. The Sagebrush has priced this very reasonably – I believe it is $17 per person – and I believe that includes some complimentary champagne and posole (not mixed together or anything). You can call the Sagebrush at 505-758-2254 for more information or to make reservations. Please join us if you can – it will be loads of fun.

I also want to use this e-mail to spread the news about a new event in my professional life, namely the publication of my book “Getting Your Music Past the Fear”, published by Booksurge Books. It is a self-help sort of thing targeted to musicians, focusing in on the inner processes of putting out the music and of clearing the path by which the music comes out. In many ways, it is a record of me teaching myself these same lessons over the course of my life spent playing music. I’ve been plugging away at the book for a dozen years or so, and it feels very good for it to finally see the light of day. Anyone who is interested in ordering a copy can just send me an email with their physical address and I’ll get one out to them with an invoice (the price is $18). The book can also be ordered direct from the publisher at Booksurge  books, or from Amazon, or at any bookstore.

Also, if anyone wants any last minute CDs of the Rifters, Hired Hands, or Don Richmond for Christmas gifts, just send me an email and I’ll do my best to get them to you, or straight to a gift recipient, right away. I’ll also do my best to keep performance schedules updated on the Rifters website ( and my website (

So be most well, dear friends and neighbors, stay warm, come out and dance when you can, and keep in touch. We’ll keep you posted with developments from this end.

Best wishes to all!