From August 28, 2007 -

I’m just coming out of a very life-changing event – emergency surgery to remove a part of my colon and being diagnosed with colon cancer. (That’s what the link to “medical condition” at the top of the page means.) It does change the world. Things shift their priorities in a big way. It’s a great reminder to get back to joy in life, to personal connection, seeing the kids and grandkids more, getting away with my wife, going to the mountains, and all those kinds of things that feed the soul and strengthen the spirit. I have been over-balanced towards my work for the last few years, working harder all the time, even while saying I was trying to slow down. Even though I don’t think anyone loves their work more than I do, the joy was being squeezed out of it, and I think that played a part in my illness. So although I look forward to getting back to work, both in performance and in the studio, I plan on using this new tool of cancer to guide me in shaping the next phase of life. I don’t want to go back to being flat on my back being cut open, and the complications and stuff that came after it – it was not fun. But there is good and exciting news on the music front amidst all this – the PBS documentary Still Waiting – Life After Katrina, which I composed and recorded the music for, is being shown nationwide – this very night in my home state of Colorado. I’m excited – it was a great project. There’s more info on my site here or at the home page for the movie here.

Another thing that my illness is prompting me to do is to get to work on my next CD. I’ve been putting it off for a long time while being busy recording lots of great music for lots of good friends and great people, all of which I’ve enjoyed and been grateful to be able to do. But like the shoemaker whose children go barefoot, I need to do some recording for myself and a group of songs that need to see the light of day out in the world. Of course I hesitate to start, because I am my very worst recording client, but sometimes you just have to mush on, you know?