From August 26, 2004 -

My websites have been languishing because I have replaced the computer that I use to work on them and it took forever to get all the software re-installed and re-configured so that it would communicate with the web servers again. Well, not exactly forever – just longer than I ever seemed to have to dedicate to the project. But here we are. Life is good. As I write this, The Rifters (see as soon as I get a site up there) are having a CD release performance at the Sagebrush Inn in Taos tomorrow night to celebrate the release of our first CD together as a band, and I think it’s a good one. The comparisons to the Hired Hands CDs are inevitable, but I think it holds its own with any of them. We’re excited. If you want to order one, you can go the Rifters website, the Howlin’ Dog Records website, or just send me an email at with your mailing info and we’ll get one out to you with a statement, and you can send us a check.

The biggest news for me is that my book, Getting Your Music Past the Fear, is done! Glory, Hallelujah! I’ve been working on it for only a dozen years or so, completely wrote it once in a different form, threw that out and started over, rewrote that version more or less completely about 5 or 6 times, edited, revised ad infinitum, but now it’s time to put it out and let it do what it needs to do. I’m keeping someexcerpts and info on this site, but follow this link toBooksurge Books to order a copy, or go for more stuff.

Another exciting project for me has been doing the music for a new documentary film called We Did It All Ourselves, which is about an amazing series of events in the struggle for black civil rights in southern Tennessee and northern Mississippi during the 1950′s, where hundreds of black families were evicted from their homes and refused service at stores and businesses just because they were attempting to register to vote. The people ended up living in tent cities for months on a compassionate black farmer’s land. It’s an incredibly powerful story of things that on one hand make you ashamed to be a human being and on the other to be proud to be one. I’m going to put up a page on this website about it and also some links to follow for more info.

My recording studio (Howlin’ Dog Recording) has been cranking and keeping me busy as usual. This year I’ve been privileged to be part of some great projects with people like Bill Hearne, Rick Fowler, Eileen Kalinowski, Leigh Ann Phillips, Justin Cowan, Lori Kester and others. I am always honored to be part of people’s music and immensely grateful for their trust in putting their music in my hands. Follow the Howlin’ Dog Records link to see more on some of these projects and/or to order CDs.

My Latest CD No Man’s Land has been moving very nicely and has gotten great response. I’ve been wanting to get back to writing for the next one, but that’s something that all too often gets pushed off to the side in all the craziness. But that’s my problem, and I will indeed make room for the Muse. She needs space and emptiness, in my experience.

So I’m going to get these pages up before it’s another 6 months before I do, and move on. More updates coming and thanks for reading!