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What’s a little less new? (from previous editions)

From Don – Well, I’m replacing my previous rant from March, but it’s still crazy, and there’s still a lot going on! (That’s what I said last time, you see – in case you don’t remember.) No Man’s Land is out into the world – hallelujah! The shows in Pueblo, Del Norte, Alamosa, and Salida all went great, and I managed to get a few copies of the CD out there. The response has been very positive, and I certainly do appreciate the encouragement and support. I’ll be doing some more solo shows around and booking a few more things also, so I’ll try to keep a current calendar going here. Hired Hands is also starting up to do some gigs this summer, with Billy Band, Jr., Jim Bradley, and yours truly being the line-up. I’ll put the HH dates on the calendar also. I’ve been doing some other band things with a few different ensembles, and having lots of fun in the process. I’ve been doing some jazz-grass music with Aaron Lewis, the excellent saxophone player from Taos, NM, and a couple other players – Arlen Johnson (guitar) and Dave (bass) under the name Taosamosa (a combination of Taos,Santa Fe, and Alamosa). We’ve done a few gigs at Eske’s Brew Pub in Taos, and may be branching out a bit from there. It’s pretty wild stuff, and stretches my musical brain a bit, I can tell you for sure. I’m still playing with Burning Joan every chance I get – in fact we’re at Rising Sun in Del Norte May 18th – be there! Jim Bradley and I are also doing some gigs with Rod Taylor and Steve Garry, who have been performing for years as Rod Taylor and the Rounders. We’re not exactly sure who we are – Round Hands, maybe? I’m also sitting in with the Lucky LaRue band when I can, and having lots of fun. The studio (Howlin’ Dog Recording) is cranking – lot’s of amazing music coming through.