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What’s a little more less new? (from previous editions)

Another recent exciting event has been a commission that came my way to create the music for a PBS (Public Television) documentary recently filmed down in Texas under the auspices of KERA-TV, the well known public television station in Dallas. The show is called Travels With Bedichek and is about the life and influence of the Texas author and naturalist Bedichek. The show was produced and directed by Rob Tranchin of KERA and the videographer on the project was Ginny Martin, who has won two Emmy awards for her previous documentaries. It was filmed in high-definition TV format and will air sometime in the summer or fall of 2002.

Another relatively new event was an honor I received last summer. The City of Alamosa dedicated their new portable performance stage to me and put my name on it. Of course I felt like I should be dead to receive such an honor, but I’m still here. It was a total surprise (thanks to my wife Teri McCartney) and a great honor. I want to thank my friends Michael Hackett (Alamosa City Manager) and his wife Terry Uyecki for having a hand in cooking this up. There is an article on the Press and Reviews page about the event, which took place at the Alamosa 4th of July celebration in 2001.