There is a truly great radio program being syndicated and broadcast coast-to-coast, started by a couple dear friends of mine from the Taos, New Mexico area - John Dillon and Vivian Nesbitt. The weekly program features in-depth interviews with well-known songwriters about their music and about their creative process in general. I have been fortunate to have John and Viv invite me to submit short audio essays on creativity and related topics for the "Creativity Corner" segment of their program. John has been kind enough to assemble 20 of the essays I have contributed on a CD, which I have for sale here for just $5.00. Or you can send me an email with your mailing address, and I'll get you one if you're interested. You can get lots more information on the program on their website, at, as well as a list of stations carrying the program. It's a wonderfully stimulating, inspiring, and interesting program, and John and Viv do such a great job - I truly don't know how it could be done any better. Catch it if you can.

Because I'd love for these essays to be heard as widely as possible, I'm also going to paste in links to the essays on Soundcloud - feel free to listen all you want - and I hope you enjoy them!


Living an Artful Life

Responsibility to Create


Ratchet It Up

Renewal - Return to the Well

Catch the Idea


Creating and Refining

Writing from the Source

The Magic of Believing

Turn Up the Magnification



The World Should Not Be

You Get What You Claim

The Hardest Thing to Learn